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GPS трекер A8 Mini в Саранске

GPS трекер A8 Mini в Саранске

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The children are playing in the park, the dog keeps escaping from the backyard, or the car is in an unsecure location overnight: Whatever the situation, a personal GPS tracker such as the Mini A8 is a simple way to obtain some peace of mind.

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After registering the Mini A8 with a mobile phone number, it is possible to monitor its location at any time. Correct operation involves installing a SIM card, registering the number, and authorizing at least one mobile phone to work in conjunction with the device.

The tracker requires a SIM card to power on. Remove the cover from the back of the device by sliding it open, and then insert the SIM card.

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A light illuminates for approximately 10 seconds while the system boots up. Users outside of China must register the SIM card number with the tracker. The contents of the message should be the SIM number without any country code, preceded by the letters "RG. To use the functions on the Mini A8 , it is necessary to authorize at least one mobile phone. To do this, send a text message to the A8 from the desired phone.

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The contents of the message should be the number of the sending mobile phone without any country code, preceded by the letters "SQ. It is possible to authorize up to four mobile phones with a single text message. To do this, separate the numbers with an asterisk. If it is necessary to cancel authorization granted to mobile phones, use any authorized phone to send the message "SQ" to the Mini A8.

This clears all of the authorized phones from the system. The Mini A8 has several useful functions designed to improve personal security. It is possible to activate or deactivate each function using an authorized mobile phone. The Call Back feature forces the GPS tracker to dial a registered number when the noise around the device exceeds 45 decibels.


To register an authorized phone for use with this function, ring the tracker from the desired phone, and then wait three seconds after connection before hanging up. To disable the service, send a text message of "" to the Mini A8. To activate the service, send a text message of "" to the A8. After connecting to the tracker, wait for approximately five seconds for the sounds to come through.

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After several minutes, the A8 responds with its current GPS co-ordinates. The Mini A8 incorporates a personal alarm SOS button, allowing the user to contact a registered telephone number in the event of an emergency. Reliable sellers on eBay offer a huge selection of personal devices, ranging from personal alarms and GPS trackers, to heart monitors and mobile phones.

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